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Tribepool ensures privacy among our subscribers.

Create private tribes when you download your individual subscription of tribepool through the app store.

Invite your friends, family, and neighbors and create private tribes.

Tribepool helps to connect you to your known friends and neighbors, but you control your connections. Find out who in your social network is also participating or, introduce others in your community to tribepool.




You and your schedule remain securely hidden.


Tribepool helps to make neighborhoods and parking lots safer. Teams that encourage the use of tribepool provide immediate safety benefits to their members. Traffic calming makes for safer drop-off and pickup locations. Fewer cars address crowded parking lot CO exposure.


Sharing rides allows you and your children to spend more time with friends and trusted neighbors. Get to know what is going on in school and on the team while driving your leg of a trip. Strengthen friendships with neighbors.


Stop spending money on expensive ride services. Save money on parking fees. Cutting down on driving and idling in parking lots will add savings to your budget.


Each carpooling trip you and your family create with tribepool cuts down on air pollution by taking another car off the road.


Organizations that encourage the use of tribepool to their memberships strengthen enrollment by improving the access.


You will benefit as transportation challenges are more easily managed. Enjoy more time for family, health, work, and leisure!




Manage transportation predicaments safely and securely connect with your pre-selected SOS tribe members for help.


Once the trip is created, it is automatically synchronized with your calendar. Status changes will be texted to your phone and updated in your calendar entries.


Traditional carpool mix-ups can leave you or your children stranded! Tribepool setting options send reminders to tribe members, notifying them of an upcoming trip.


No more standing by the front door guessing when your ride will arrive! Tribepool will track drivers and alert riders when drivers are at their pickup or drop off locations.


The most convenient route will be mapped for you to you to find your way to your destination locations and homes.


tribepool faqs

For your convenience, our most frequently asked questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us area.

A: Tribepool subscribers create tribes (pools) of friends, family, teammates, and neighbors. Individual invitations are sent through the tribepool app. Additionally, subscribers can recommend tribepool to others not on the platform to help build their “tribes.” You can create tribes to manage both ongoing and ad-hoc one-time trips.

A: Tribepool is a private platform that enables subscribers to create pools (tribes) with known drivers and riders. You choose the drivers and riders that you allow into your tribe.

A: We are creating tribepool to simplify your life. You will find that tribepool manages your transportation needs in a seamless and friendly way.

A: Tribepool will provide all the needed administrative work required to keep our active and involved subscribers transportation needs met. Texting updates, driver tracking, and calendar reminders generate transparency to the carpooling experience.


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our team

Heather Wechter

Heather Wechter

Founder View Details
David Wechter

David Wechter

Co-Founder View Details
Heather Wechter

Heather Wechter


Founder of tribepool, recognizing the opportunity of creating a solution for families to meet the day-to-day challenges of their family’s transportation needs. Heather is the parent of three adult sons, volunteers for various community organizations, and holds a B.F. A. from Pratt Institute in Merchandising. When not working on tribepool, Heather is walking her son’s dog in South Park or enjoying the company of great friends.

David Wechter

David Wechter


Co-founder and entrepreneur who successfully helped to develop and promote industry-changing ideas and software solutions for capital markets, including Sentry, a collateral management platform for for financial institutions. Dave is also a proud parent of three adult sons. Dave is an alumus of Allegheny College and earned a B.S. in Computer Science. Dave enjoys biking on the Montour Trail and is a fan of Jim Henson’s Kettlebell group.



We want tribepool to improve your life! We continue to investigate what is important to you so that tribepool can deliver the best possible platform. Below you will read about the hopes and concerns of people we have heard from! Please help us to continue to research the best practical means to meet your transportation challenges!

  • My family has transportation issues only one car and that is usually at work.

  •  We are interested in tribepool because we are committed to staying a public transportation/one car family.

  • I would only carpool with families I know.

  • This would be awesome – so many times all the same people are going to the same place and I never even think about carpooling.

  • Many families use grandparents and nannies, so make sure the app could have multiple logins.

  • I would only want to carpool with people I know personally.

  • The ability to coordinate schedules through an app would be helpful.

  • Carpools rarely work in our family as our kids have multiple activities and are typically heading to the next activity, not home.


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For Immediate Release
“Launch date on Thursday, June 1st.  The tribepool app will be available in the Apple Store and Google Play for download.

A carpooling app developed in Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Technology Council’s 2016/2017 Co-CREATORS Heather and Dave Wechter.  Free downloads of the tribepool app will be available on June 1st to celebrate participation in the CREATE Festival.  Following June 1st, individuals can download the tribepool app in the Apple Store or GooglePlay for a one-time fee of $1.99.”
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