For Immediate Release:

Launch date on Thursday, June 1st.  The tribepool app will be available in the Apple Store and Google Play for download.

A carpooling app developed in Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Technology Council’s 2016/2017 Co-CREATORS Heather and Dave Wechter.  Free downloads of the tribepool app will be available on June 1st to celebrate participation in the CREATE Festival.  Following June 1st, individuals can download the tribepool app in the Apple Store or GooglePlay for a one-time fee of $1.99.

The tribepool app will help friends and families create free shared rides!

Tribepool delivers ease, safety and privacy to carpooling.  Members set up personal pools around their various activities and events. For members, this mitigates “stranger” concerns regarding who they are carpooling with.  A tribepool user creates a profile and identifies location-based activities for which they would like to arrange carpools. Each member can then invite others to join those “tribes” based on their shared activities.  Carpool requests and responses within those tribes maintain privacy and are managed by tribepool.  The process allows for a safe discovery process of who is attending the event and needs a ride as well as who can drive. The holistic goal of tribepool is to provide a safe carpooling alternative and add convenience to the way organizations, families, and individuals resolve their transportation challenges.

The unique tribepool SOS feature provides users with peace of mind and a way to improve their personal safety.   A tribepool user invites those they trust most to make up their SOS tribe. Dead batteries, flat tires, illness, and traffic can affect anyone.  An urgent tribepool SOS Alert is sent out to the user’s SOS Tribe to help to manage a transportation predicament. Tribepool instantly connects users with the chosen SOS tribe so they can communicate their need to close friends or family members.


It’s carpooling made easy

Create tribes that reflect your needs.  

  • Team based tribes to manage transportation to games, practices, and tournaments.
  • Neighborhood tribes to help you commute to work, school and camp.
  • Community tribes that provide better access and involvement.
  • SOS tribes made up of those you can count on under any circumstance.


Tribepool is available for iOS and Android devices.

Please direct requests for interviews, updates, and any other media inquiries to:

Heather Wechter